The Czech Republic has a highly competitive market with several mobile operators like O2, T-Mobile or Vodafone and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) offering services.

Choosing the right mobile operators in Czech can be difficult given the many options, this guide will help you to pick one.

Best Mobile Operators in Czech
Best Mobile Operators in Czech

I. List of Mobile Operators in Czech

1. The main mobile network operators in Czech

  • O2 – The largest operator with over 6 million subscribers. O2 has excellent 4G/LTE coverage.
O2 - Top Mobile Operators in Czech
  • T-Mobile – Second largest operator with 5.4 million subscribers. Also has wide 4G coverage.
T-Mobille : The main mobile operators in Czech
  • Vodafone – Third largest operator with over 2 million subscribers. Fast LTE network.
Vodafone - among top Mobile Operators in Czech
  • Cesky Mobil – Operates on the O2 network, sells prepaid plans via supermarkets and kiosks.
  • Levné Mobilní – Uses T-Mobile network, known for budget prepaid plans starting under 200CZK per month.
  • Truphone – MVNO that allows roaming like at home rates across Europe via T-Mobile network.
  • Tesco Mobile – Owned by UK retailer, combines O2 connectivity with deals on Tesco vouchers/products.
  • Buyr – MVNO reselling T-Mobile services, focuses on bringing latest phones at affordable prices.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operators in Czech

When selecting a mobile operator in Czech, some key factors to consider include:

  • Network Coverage: Carefully check the coverage map and ratings for the areas you will frequently visit like your accommodation, work/study places etc. Reliable connectivity is a top priority.
  • Usage Needs: Analyze your expected call/data requirements and choose a plan that aligns with your budget and usage profile – basic or heavy usage, domestic or international usage etc.
  • Pricing and Plans: Carefully compare plans from different operators for prepaid/postpaid, bundled offers, special deals and add-ons to get the best value. Hidden charges should be avoided.
  • Additional Services: Consider operator-specific benefits like entertainment packages, dedicated apps and support, rewards programs etc as per your needs and usage habits.

Choosing a major operator with reliable connectivity and reasonable plans ensures hassle-free communications during the trip without unforeseen costs.

Mobile Operator Experience Award - Source: Opensignal
Mobile Operator Experience Award – Source:

III. Best Mobile Operators in Czech – Detailed Comparison

Best Mobile Operators

Operator Network Coverage Plans Pricing Notable Features
Vodafone CZ Extensive 4G coverage across country including major cities and tourist areas. Offers flexible prepaid and postpaid plans for individuals and families starting at 299CZK per month. Largest network with widest geographic reach. Various add-on packages for data, roaming and extras.
O2 CZ National 4G coverage in all regional centers and highways. Broad selection of plans to suit all budgets from 199CZK. Special bundles for tablets/wearables. Second largest network known for competitive pricing. Regular promotions for new and existing customers.
T-Mobile CZ Reliable coverage in most populated regions and transportation routes. Value-focused prepaid and post-pay options. Student and senior discounts available. Third major operator providing robust connectivity. Emphasis on associated digital services like mobile payments.

O2 would be a good choice for mobile operator for tourists visiting the Czech Republic. While it has slightly lower average 4G speeds compared to Vodafone and T-Mobile, O2 offers the lowest priced plans starting at only 200 CZK. This makes it the most affordable option for visitors who will likely use only a small data allowance during short trips. Obtaining an O2 prepaid SIM allows visitors to experience good value connectivity during their travels across the country without worries of high mobile bills.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Cards from Czech Mobile Operators

There are a few options for purchasing SIM cards from Czech providers:

  • Airports: Václav Havel Airport Prague sells all operator SIMs. Instant activation upon arrival in the country
  • Operator Stores: Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 flagship stores in major cities.
  • Convenience Stores: Trafiky (tabac/lottery shops), small grocery stores. Common retailers for top-up cards and starter SIM packs

V. Do Mobile Operators in Czech Offer eSIM?

  • So far, T-Mobile Czech Republic is the major operator providing eSIM services. It launched its eSIM support in 2021 for postpaid customers.
  • O2 Czech Republic has rolled out eSIM profile activation currently limited to postpaid consumer and business customers. Eligible devices include iPhone and Google Pixel handsets.

By using O2’s network, Czech eSIM from GIGAGO offers economical for visitors to Czech. You can check some plans from this provider.

Czech eSIM plans
Czech eSIM plans


What are the big 3 networks in Czech?

The three largest mobile operators in Czech are O2, T-Mobile, and Vodafone. Together they cover almost the entire population with voice and 4G.

Which Czech operator is best for tourists?

Vodafone Czech is a good option for tourists thanks to its English services, EU roaming deals, and widespread coverage. T-Mobile also works well for visitors.

How can I get Internet in Czech as a tourist?

Purchasing a local Czech SIM card or eSIM are the best ways to get mobile data during your travels. WiFi is also available at most hotels and cafes.

Do I need to show ID to buy a SIM card in Czech?

Yes, you normally need to show your passport when purchasing a prepaid Czech SIM per local regulations.

VII. Conclusion

In summary, O2 Czech and T-Mobile have the best coverage but Vodafone excels at serving English-speaking visitors. For lower rates, MVNOs like are recommended. 4G speeds are fast across all major networks.

For staying connected affordably and conveniently anywhere, Czech eSIM from GIGAGO is the ideal solution.