When planning international travel, selecting a reliable and affordable mobile provider is an important consideration. As one explores the historic cities, charming villages and natural landscapes of the Czech Republic, staying connected makes navigation, photography sharing, and keeping in touch with plans more enjoyable. T-Mobile SIM card and eSIM would be one of the first choice, let’s see what those options are in this guide

T-Mobile SIM cards and eSIM

I. Quick facts about T-Mobile Czech

T-Mobile Czech is one of the top three mobile operators in the country along with O2 and Vodafon

  • Established: Founded in 1996 as RadioMobil
  • Brand name: Rebranded as T-Mobile in 2002 after being acquired by Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Services provided: Provides 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G services
  • Subscribers: Has over 6 million subscribers as of 2022
  • Stores: Has 500+ stores and other retail outlets across Czech
  • Customer services: 24/7 customer support in Czech and English
  • Awards: Received awards for best network and customer service
T-Mobile SIM card and eSIM

II. T-Mobile Coverage and Speed in Czech

1. T-Mobile Coverage in Czech

T-Mobile Coverage Maps
T-Mobile Coverage Maps

Based on recent coverage maps from nperf.com, T-Mobile has extensive 2G and 3G coverage across Czech, reaching even remote areas. Its 4G LTE covers around 95% population, in all major cities and towns, along with highways and tourist destinations. However, 4G coverage is more limited in some rural parts of the country.

Overall, tourists can expect a good signal in most populated areas, cities, towns.

2. T-Mobile Speed in Czech

T-Mobile - Czech Median Country Speed
Czech Median Country Speed – Source: Opensignal
T-Mobile Speedtest
T-Mobile Speedtest – Source: Broadband

In recent speed tests conducted by Broadband, T-Mobile had average download speeds of 106.02 Mbps on 4G LTE. 

So T-Mobile’s speeds are slightly above the country average. The operator has been expanding its LTE capacity and coverage to boost speeds.

T-Mobile’s average 4G upload speed comes in at 36.77 Mbps which is decent. This is similar to O2 but lower than Vodafone’s 13 Mbps upload speed average.

In summary, tourists can expect relatively fast, reliable mobile data speeds on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, especially in urban areas. 

III. T-Mobile Connectivity Options for Travelers in Czech

As a tourist visiting Czech, you have a few options to get connected with T-Mobile service:

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
T-Mobile Prepaid SIM card Get Czech number, direct access to network, flexible data plans Need to configure device/APN
Pocket Wifi Rental Share connection across devices, no SIM swapping Limited coverage, need to pick up/return device
Roaming Use regular home number Very expensive, ensure roaming agreement exists

Overall, getting a local Czech T-Mobile SIM card is the most convenient and affordable option for most tourists.

IV. Best T-Mobile Czech SIM Plans for Tourists

T-Mobile Czech offers several prepaid SIM card plans suitable for tourists.

Plan Name Data Calls & SMS Price (USD)
M 1 4GB 4GB + Always Online Unlimited calls & SMS $19.94
M 1 10GB 10GB + Always Online Unlimited calls & SMS $20.98
M 1 FAVORITE Unlimited data up to 10Mbps, first 15GB at full speed Unlimited calls & SMS $22.47
M 1 Unlimited Unlimited data at full speed Unlimited calls & SMS $25.98

These prepaid SIM plans from T-Mobile Czech provide an excellent short-term connectivity option for tourists. You get free incoming calls/texts and can top up as needed for outbound usage. The tourist prepaid plan is designed specifically for visitors with its 7-day validity.

V. Does T-Mobile Czech support eSIM?

Yes, T-Mobile Czech does provide eSIM support for compatible devices. eSIM or embedded SIM allows you to activate a cellular plan digitally without needing to insert a plastic SIM card.

Some key benefits of using eSIM include:

  • Easy activation by scanning a QR code
  • Ability to switch between plans by installing eSIM profiles
  • Avoid physical SIM swapping when traveling
  • Use dual SIM functionality on select devices

You can purchase a T-Mobile Czech prepaid eSIM directly from T-Mobile stores. Alternatively, reputable online eSIM providers can also offer Czech T-Mobile eSIMs.

VI. Where can you buy a T-Mobile SIM card or eSIM in Czech?

1. Where to buy T-Mobile SIM cards

  • Upon arrival: At Prague airport, you’ll find T-Mobile shops in the arrivals area where you can buy a Czech SIM card quickly. Make sure to carry your passport as ID.
T-Mobile kiosk at Airport
T-Mobile kiosk
  • T-Mobile stores: T-mobile has over 500 official stores and retail outlets across Czech. Stores are present in all major cities and many smaller towns. Search for nearby T-Mobile stores on their website.
T-Mobile Store
T-Mobile Store
  • Other authorized: You can also buy T-mobile SIM in other authorized resellers like supermarkets, gas stations, phone shops also sell T-Mobile prepaid SIMs
T-Mobile SIM card at Supermarket
T-Mobile SIM card at Supermarket

2. Where to buy T-Mobile eSIM

  • Online at tmobile.cz/eshop: You can add an eSIM data package directly to your account without a physical SIM card. Compatible devices must be registered.
  • At a T-Mobile retail store: Visit any T-Mobile Centrum location and they can help you register your eligible device IMEI and activate an eSIM profile on the spot.

To ensure the best eSIM experience in Czech, stick to T-Mobile’s official channels or known eSIM reseller websites.

VII. How to Activate a T-Mobile Czech SIM/eSIM

Activating and setting up a new T-Mobile Czech SIM or eSIM is straightforward:

For physical SIM card:

  1. Insert SIM in your phone’s SIM slot once purchased.
  2. Power on device and allow it to automatically configure standard settings.
  3. You may need to manually enter APN settings for data access if prompted.
  4. Top up or activate one of the prepaid plans using vouchers/redemption codes.

For eSIM activation:

  1. Purchase T-Mobile Czech eSIM via QR code from store, website, or app.
  2. Scan QR code with your phone’s camera to add the eSIM profile.
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to activate the eSIM plan.
  4. Registration and account creation may be required through website/app.
  5. Start using eSIM once activated!

Please refer to T-Mobile Czech’s instructions for detailed steps to activate and set up new SIM card or eSIM on your specific phone model. Contact customer support if you face any issues.

VIII. T-Mobile Czech Call & SMS Rates

When using a T-Mobile Czech prepaid SIM, here are the standard rates for calls and texts:

Call & SMS Rates

Type of Call/SMS Prepaid Rates (USD) Postpaid Rates (USD)
Calls to T-Mobile (CZ) $0.05/min Based on plan, usually included
Calls to other networks (CZ) $0.12/min $0.05-0.07/min
International calls Varies $0.15-0.60/min Varies $0.12-0.36/min
SMS to CZ numbers $0.05/SMS Usually included or $0.05/SMS
International SMS $0.12-0.24/SMS $0.12-0.19/SMS
Data Rates vary by plan allocation Rates vary by plan allocation
Roaming in Europe Comparable to domestic Comparable to domestic
Roaming elsewhere More expensive More expensive

These are very reasonable rates allowing you to stay affordably connected through calls and texts during your Czech trip.

Incoming calls and texts are free on T-Mobile prepaid. For discounted rates, you can make calls over a data connection using apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. Some prepaid plans include a free calling allowance as well.

IX. Useful USSD codes for T-Mobile Czech

Here are some useful USSD codes to manage your T-Mobile Czech prepaid account:

USSD Codes

USSD Command Usage
*101# Check Main Balance
*102# Check Data Balance
*111# Check Remaining Validity
*135*NUMBER# Check Call Forwarding

Enter these USSD codes in your phone dial pad when using a T-Mobile Czech SIM to quickly check balances, validity, and more without needing to install any apps.

X. How to Top Up T-Mobile Czech SIM

You can easily top-up or recharge your T-Mobile Czech prepaid SIM using vouchers:

  1. Purchase top up voucher from T-Mobile stores, kiosks, retail outlets. Denominations range from CZK 300 to 2500 ($12.96 – 108.03)
  2. Scratch card to reveal code. Dial *22*VoucherNumber# on T-Mobile SIM.
  3. Follow prompts and enter voucher code to recharge account balance.
  4. Confirm recharge by checking main balance (*101#).

Alternatively, you may be able to use your international credit/debit card to recharge by logging into your T-Mobile online account, using their apps, or via third-party top up services. This is convenient but may have transaction fees.

XI. Alternatives to T-Mobile Czech

While T-Mobile Czech provides solid connectivity, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • O2 Czech – Second largest operator with excellent urban coverage and speeds. Competitive prepaid SIM pricing.
  • Vodafone Czech – Fastest overall mobile network in Czech currently. Good deals on prepaid SIMs with lots of data.
  • Virtuous – Runs on O2 network. Affordable prepaid plans with lots of data.
  • Tesco Mobile – Uses O2 network. Great value prepaid SIMs with lots of stores.

For ultimate convenience, you can purchase an international eSIM such as Czech eSIM with flexible data packages valid in over 180 countries including Czech. This avoids the hassle of finding and setting up local SIMs. Here are some plans from Czech eSIM

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Does T-Mobile have good coverage in Czech?

Yes, T-Mobile has excellent 2G and 3G coverage across Czech along with very good 4G LTE covering around 95% of the population. Tourists can expect a strong signal in cities, towns, tourist spots, and along highways.

Can I get a T-Mobile plan without a contract?

Yes, all prepaid SIM options have no minimum term or contract required. Plans must be topped up regularly to remain active.

Can family members share my data plan with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile offers shared data plans for families where multiple lines can pool data allowances together on one monthly bill.

What international roaming options are there?

T-Mobile offers affordable roaming bundles for usage in the EU/EEA and additional individual country passes. Check pass details and purchase online before travel.

XIII. Final Words

Getting a local T-Mobile SIM is best if you are visiting key urban centers, Prague, along highways, or major tourist regions. For the best value and a hassle-free trip, you should still thinking about eSIM for maximum flexibility, use an international eSIM like Czechesim to stay connected and enjoy your trips.