Vodafone is one of the major mobile operators in Czech. In this article, we will take a look at Vodafone and give you a good option for your trips.

Vodafone Czech SIM card and eSIM
Vodafone SIM card and eSIM

I. Quick facts about Vodafone Czech

  • Established: Founded in 1991 as part of Vodafone Group
  • Full company name: Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.
  • Services provided: Provides mobile voice, messaging, and data services
  • Subscribers: Over 4 million subscribers as of 2022
  • Stores: Operates over 250 stores across Czech
  • Awards: Received Ookla Speedtest Award for fastest mobile network in Czech (2021)
  • Pros: Good coverage, fast speeds, great customer service
  • Cons: Can be more expensive than some other operators

Vodafone Czech is a leading mobile operator with extensive coverage, fast speeds, and great customer service. It offers prepaid and postpaid plans, along with tourist/visitor SIM cards and eSIMs.

Vodafone Czech
Vodafone Czech

II. Vodafone Coverage and Speed in Czech

Let’s take a look at Vodafone’s network coverage and speeds across Czech.

1. Vodafone coverage in Czech

Analyzing Vodafone’s own coverage map along with independent sources like Opensignal and Ookla, we can see that Vodafone has excellent coverage across most of Czech.

Vodafone Czech Coverage maps
Vodafone Coverage maps – Source: nperf

Vodafone’s 4G LTE covers over 95% of the population. It has strong coverage across major cities like Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, and České Budějovice. Coverage is slightly weaker in some rural and mountainous regions, but overall connectivity is very good.

Compared to other Czech operators like O2 and T-Mobile, Vodafone has comparable coverage in cities and towns. But its rural coverage lags behind O2 slightly.

2. Vodafone speed in Czech

Vodafone Czech - Median Country Speed
Median Country Speed
Vodafone Czech Speedtest
Vodafone Speedtest – Source: Broadband

According to Opensignal’s Czech Mobile Network Experience report 2023, the average 4G download speed in Czech is about 43.15 Mbps.

Vodafone has a median download speed of 78.87 Mbps and upload speed of 23.65 Mbps based on thousands of user tests. This makes it the fastest mobile network in Czech by a significant margin.

So Vodafone clearly outpaces rivals when it comes to mobile data speeds and network performance. Its growing 5G network will provide even faster speeds where available.

III. Vodafone connectivity options for travelers to Czech

As a tourist visiting Czech, you have a few options to get connected to Vodafone’s fast, reliable network:

Connectivity Options

Option Description Pros Cons
Get a Vodafone SIM card Purchase a prepaid Vodafone SIM in Czech. Insert into unlocked phone. Fast speeds, direct connection, affordable rates. Need to get new SIM, insert/remove SIM.
Use a Vodafone pocket wifi Rent a pocket wifi device connected to Vodafone. Provides WiFi access for multiple devices. Share connection, no SIM change. Expensive, limited range (10-15m), have to pick up/return device, risk of loss/damage.
Roaming from home operator Enable roaming if your operator has agreement with Vodafone Czech. No SIM change needed. Very expensive (~$6-12/GB), no guarantees your operator has Vodafone roaming.

So, Vodafone tourist SIM card provides reliable, cost-effective connectivity while avoiding roaming charges for worry-free use during your travels.

IV. Best Vodafone SIM cards for tourists & cost

Vodafone Czech offers some good prepaid/tourist SIM options:

Plan Name Data & Calls/SMS Price (USD)
Basic+ Unlimited data, calls and SMS $17.49
Cool Unlimited data, calls and SMS $21.93
Super+ Unlimited data, calls and SMS $21.93 for first 6 months, then $24.93
Premium 5G Unlimited data, calls and SMS $32.68

The Vodafone Tourist SIM with 2GB for 7 days is a handy short-term option. It provides a moderate amount of data for checking maps, social media, etc.

V. Does Vodafone Czech support eSIM?

Yes, Vodafone launched eSIM support in Czech in 2020. You can purchase a Vodafone Czech eSIM directly from Vodafone stores and online.

eSIM (embedded SIM) allows you to activate a cellular plan digitally without needing to insert a physical nano SIM. eSIM has several benefits:

  • Easy to activate cellular plans remotely
  • Ability to have multiple SIM profiles on one device
  • No risk of losing SIM card

VI. Where can you buy a Vodafone SIM card and eSIM?

Let’s look at where you can physically purchase a Vodafone SIM card or digitally buy a Vodafone eSIM when visiting Czech.

Where to buy Vodafone SIM for Czech

There are a few options to get a Vodafone Czech SIM card:

1. Upon arrival at airport

  • Vodafone store at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Terminal 2
  • Prepaid SIMs also sold at airport kiosks and shops
Vodafone Czech at Airport
Vodafone at Airport

2. Vodafone stores

Over 250 official Vodafone stores nationwide – Store locator

Vodafone Czech Store
Vodafone Store

3. Other retailers

Vodafone SIMs also sold at authorized retail outlets like:

  • Albert
  • Rossmann
  • Dr. Max

💡Notes: When buying, bring your passport as ID. Know the SIM size needed for your phone (regular, micro, or nano).

Where to buy Vodafone eSIM for Czech

To get a Vodafone Czech eSIM:

  • Purchase online from Vodafone website
  • Download eSIM app and activate (video instructions provided)
  • Or visit Vodafone store with passport to activate eSIM

Use eSIM QR code to install the eSIM on your phone following the device instructions.

👉Tip: Make sure your phone is unlocked to use a local Czech SIM or eSIM.

VII. How to activate Vodafone Czech SIM/eSIM

Activating a new Vodafone SIM or eSIM when you arrive in Czech is straightforward:

How to use Vodafone Czech SIM card

  1. Insert SIM into unlocked phone
  2. Power on device and wait for SIM detection
  3. SIM will automatically activate in most cases
  4. Follow prompts to select Vodafone network and reboot if needed
  5. Check SIM card balance and data status

How to activate Vodafone Czech eSIM

  1. Install eSIM app on phone or use QR code provided
  2. Follow activation process and prompts
  3. Confirm activation within app when successful
  4. Restart device and check for Vodafone service

Refer to detailed eSIM installation guides:

Once activated, you can start using mobile data, calling, and messaging with your Vodafone Czech SIM or eSIM.

VIII. Vodafone Call & SMS rates

Vodafone Czech prepaid SIMs come with competitive calling and texting rates:

Call & SMS Rates

Type of Call/SMS Rate (CZK) Rate (USD)
Calls to Vodafone CZ CZK 1/min $0.04/min
Calls to other CZ networks CZK 1.90/min $0.08/min
International calls CZK 2-25/min $0.08-1/min
SMS to CZ numbers CZK 1/SMS $0.04/SMS
International SMS CZK 5-10/SMS $0.20-0.40/SMS
Data Plan dependent Plan dependent
EU roaming Standard rates Standard rates
International roaming Higher rates Higher rates

👉Pro tip: Use online messaging like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. to avoid SMS charges.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Vodafone Czech SIM/eSIM

Here are some useful USSD short codes for checking your Vodafone SIM status:

USSD Codes

USSD Code Function
*111# Check balance/validity
*123# Account details
124PIN# Top up balance
*131# Data bundle activation
1361# / 1362# Block/unblock number display
*140# Change PIN
*141# Call divert settings
*147# Customer support
*500# Voicemail settings

X. How to top-up Vodafone Czech SIM/eSIM

You can top-up your Vodafone prepaid credit using different methods:

  • Using prepaid recharge card: You can buy a Vodafone top-up voucher at stores like Tesco, Rossmann, etc. Scratch card to reveal code. Dial 124PIN# to recharge.
  • Using credit/debit card: Top-up online via Vodafone website. Enter your phone number and payment info. This extends your SIM validity and adds prepaid credit.
  • Vodafone Shops: Visit a Vodafone shop and top-up with cash or card. Staff can assist with top-ups and account management

XI. Alternatives to Vodafone in Czech

While Vodafone Czech is a solid operator, you may want to also consider these alternatives:

  • O2 Czech – Widest coverage, reliable speeds, easy online recharge
  • T-Mobile Czech – Great value SIM cards, 5G network, good bundles
  • Free Mobile – Discount MVNO with low-cost data SIMs

We recommend checking coverage for your destination within Czech and comparing prepaid SIM plans to choose the best option.

Gigago offers eSIMs from O2 providers in Czech at affordable rates. Discover your perfect Czech eSIM;

Czech eSIM
Czech eSIM

XII. FAQs about Vodafone Czech

What network bands does Vodafone use in Czech?

Vodafone uses the following mobile bands in Czech: 2G (GSM 900/1800 MHz), 3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz), 4G LTE (B1/B3/B7/B20/B38), and 5G (n1/n3/n28/n77).

Does Vodafone Czech offer 5G service?

Yes, Vodafone launched 5G in 2020 and is expanding coverage. 5G is live in parts of cities like Prague and Brno with over 200 sites. A 5G rate plan is required to access 5G speeds.

Can I use Vodafone Czech eSIM on iPhone?

Vodafone eSIMs work on compatible iPhones models XS and newer running iOS 13 or higher. Dual SIM with one physical and one eSIM is supported.

Can I roam internationally with Vodafone Czech?

Yes, Vodafone Czech SIMs and plans include international roaming in EU at domestic rates. Additional charges apply when roaming in non-EU countries.

XIII. Final words

Vodafone’s network quality is top-notch with latest Ookla awards validating it as the fastest in Czech. Their tourist SIMs provide good short-term value while monthly plans give you more data for longer stays.

With reliable performance Czech eSIM remains a recommended choice of operator for hassle-free connectivity when visiting the Czech Republic!